Seen here is Obama looking just a bit like Napoleon.

Obama on Evil

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The Gallery of Shame

Watch Your Step

Slick Comedy Ahead

Again, this picture looks like another old horror movie poster. In it is a scaly, horned giant monster with claws and the face of Iranian President towering over a scantily clad girl as a city burns in the back ground.

Great. Just what we need. Another feel good chicky flicky buddy film date movie starring B.O. and the Iranian president Makeabomb Andidreamofjeannie. Again, it's the same old plot. Obama says to Israel, "all options are left on the table." And then when the chips are down and Israel needs our help, that's where he keeps the options, sitting right on the table in front of him in the form of a top secret battle plan to keep the Iranian Mullahs of martyrdom from going out with a bang before being overthrown by a military coup. See, because he doesn't want to "meddle" in foreign affairs until he can talk to Reverend Riot and Jimmy Carter. Meanwhile, the Iranian mullahs' strap themselves to the top of an intercontinental ballistic missile and give a boring monotone blathering speech about some guy that they say is going to climb out of a well someday or something and the sky will be on fire and you got junk in there about dead olive trees and they're talkin all kinds of trash about dogs and how Atlanta should re-sign Michiel Vick. And then of course Obama STILL refuses to give a date certain for victory in Afghanistan. Then he won't let these jet fighter guys (that like to fly like an inch off the ground for some reason) refuel in Iraq even after he said they could. See, bacause the Russians hacked into his Blackberry and pranked him with a text message telling him that they were Beyonce and that she got him a magic lamp for good luck. Coz of the health care thing and that it was really Queen Latifah's gravy boat but Lindsay Lohan stole it but crashed and it was just laying in the gutter in North Hollywood. So then Obama starts to wipe some makeup or gravy or something off of it and SHAZAM! POOF! It's the ghost of Golda Meir! Looking like one ticked off genie. And she's wearing a team jersey that says, Kareem Paula Abdul Jabbar on the back. But it says Bobcats on the front. I know. It's Crazey. It doesn't make any since. It's like a bad movie. Kind of like Obama's suspiciously lovey-dovey policy (that is reminiscent of a 60's Coke commercial) to make nice-itty-nice-nice with ruthless, radical, election steeling, A-bomb peddling rogue nations by sending them a fruit basket and an 8x10 glossy. Anyway, then Golda drives the lane on His Barackness and throws down the all time monster jam on him and says, "Yo, Barry, have you tried talking to the Ayatollah Mullets yet? I'm sure they would listen to YOU. Try takin'em to Dizzyland. Then cut loose with one of your way too toothy smiles. Then, give'm a cookie. That should work. SUCKA!!!" Then wearing little tutus with hammers and sickles all over them Billy Ayers and Louie Farrakhan sing another one of those bad Elvis songs from the movie "Harem Scare'em... bla bla bla. Not to give the ending away, but you know. Boy meets girl. Boy looses girl. Boy Stones girl. Same ol' same ol'. Everyone in the movie speaks Farsi, except Obama. He speaks Farcical. You might lose a little in the translation with him. That's because he refuses to say the last syllable of every third word. Just like in real life. Must be a Hawaiian thing. I laughed, I cried. DON'T BRING THE KIDS!



Seen here is Barney Frank adorned with a humongous emerald necklace and earrings with Jennifer Lopez's body looking like the hostess at the Freddie and Fannies House of Cards club.

Freddie Fannie And Barney


Seen here is Nancy Pelosi with her pants on fire. Like, Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!

Excuse me. Nancy. Your flying monkeys have violated the air space around the capital again.

Seen here is an ad for Obama cigarettes.

Mommy, I wanna be like Obama. And SMOKE!

Jack Webb is on the Nancy Case


Here is another old movie poster. In it Obama appears to have one of those Dr. Frankenstein's monster look things going on.

Here is an inspirational story about a guy that was stitched together from a bunch of worthless worn out political robo-commys by old hippies singing Chinese work songs at a Democrat party quilting party in Bill Ayers living room. I think he's got Stalin's liver, some of John Kerry's guts, his spine is a slinky so that gives him Jack Benny's walk. I think his head is filled with Lincoln Logs. Oh, and he has the lungs of the Marlboro man.

Here is a picture of Reid, Obama and Pelosi looking a bit like The Three Stooges.

Appearing one term only at the White House Booty Bar and Bunker. Come see the disturbing antics of Harry, Barry and Scary "The Marxist Brothers" in the newly refurbished ARUGULA ROOM. (It's where the bowling alley use to be.) It's out with Jackie Kennedy's 300 year old chairs with worm holes! THE ARUGULA ROOM has been furnished with fine genuine Naugahyde lime green bar stools from the exclusive Sanford and Son Collection. The Marxist Brothers will be performing their hilarious routine, "What? You Wrapped Up a Flounder with the Constitution? No Noodles For You!!!"

Seen here is a picture of 72 delightful looking terrorists.

Alrighty then Mister Jihadist. It's time to pull back the vale and see what you've won.


Coach Farrakhan


The Main Street Mosque


Play 72 Virgins BINGO


Adam the Goat Boy from The O.C. contracted the H1goat1 virus from what animal?

Seen here is a great looking pack of Obama brand Russian cigarettes. But instead of Joe Camel on the box, it has Bladderbeer Lennin.

Here is a great looking pack of Obama brand Russian cigarettes for you. SMOKESKIES! The perfect thing to pass the time away when you're standing in line for three days to get a flu shot from Nurse Ratchet under failed President Obama health care. But instead of Joe Camel on the box... who is that guy? Oh yah. It's Bladderbeer Leninn.

This picture reads at the top, Cooking with Kim Jong Il. It has a picture of Kim and on the left there is a large shrimp that looks like it has been skewered onto a Tie Poe Dong missile.

Come on. All that this guy wants is stuff. Like Daffy Duck videos, Tiger Beat magazines or an old Bret Favre juicer. A Wham-O Water Wiggle would keep this guys mind off THE BOMB for like three days. That's why COMEDYZOO is announcing the charity event of the year. Tickets available at the COMEDYZOO box office FOR...


What are we going to do with this guy?

Cooking With Kim Jong Il


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