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Charlie Sheen's Drug Side Effects


The Imus and Andy Show


Seen here is Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi looking a little like Bonnie and Clid.

Seen here is what seems to be a wacky looking Sci-Fi movie poster.

ACORN Tax Services


Listen! Did You Hear That?

That was the sound of the Prehysteric Pelosi Mocking Bird. Scientifically known as Pelosius AnnoyingUs. It can repeat every lie that Nancy Pelosi ever told. It has just one wing. The left one of course. It can often be heard from the White House rose garden annoyingly squawking at the President, "Brock! Brock! Feed me! Brock! Brock Obama! More stimulus money! Feed me! Brock!" The Indians of California would sometimes jam eagle claws into their chests so their screams would drown out the cackling for money from their casinos. When the old bird gets around the CIA it gets really skittish and its eyes tend to bug out even more than usual. The last time I saw one of these vicious creatures was on the corner of Haight-Ashbury underneath a paper-mâché rainbow perched high atop a parade float for the North american Man Boy Love Association. It subsists solely on the contributions from fruits and nuts. Wait. Listen. It must have put its foot in its mouth again. I think we should move on before it starts spewing its partisan venom again.

Racing Stuff with Bud Wisener


The Snoop and Martha Show


Obama- Me, Myself and I


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The Shock Jock


Bad movie poster.

Seen here is the front page of the new pork crime.

Seen here are some rotting protesters.

Michelle on Micky D's.


Unless you need a breather from laughing so hard we'll continue on with more of our satirical safari.

This is a picture of strange animal tracks or something going across the page. The tracks start out as animal tracks and morph into tennis shoe tracks.